09 August 2016

Greetings fellow humans...and dogs that can read.

I'm sharing a ride to Newport News, VA from Seymour, IN. Knotty Boy rides a 1991 Honda ST1100 and Soup Mix has an '82 KZ750H. Wednesday morning, as early as possible, we ride.

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24 June 2015

Homeward bound...


Last week was quite a whirlwind week for us and we start off this week with an all day car drive back to Indiana (my weeks start on Wednesday now because a Tuesday was the last day we hiked, it makes sense in my head).  Google tells me it's only 10 hours 26 minutes, and if all day wasn't enough, our experience driving out here to my parents' place in Newport News proved to be much longer due to delays with traffic and construction.  This is the second Wednesday in a row that we will have an all day adventure, lets hope it doesn't turn into a trend.

Our goal was to be up around 6 this morning to get driving and beat some of the heat as we have no AC in our car.  I was up at 6, I just didn't get off the floor, and as it is now 8:13...  At least we packed the car last night with the little bit that we have to take back with us.  All except the chocolate, I was smart enough not to leave that in the car overnight, yesterday the heat index for the area was well over 100 degrees and as of this morning the thermometer says 80 degrees already, you can imagine what kind of day we're going to have.

My ankle is slowly healing.  It went through its bruised phase and has transitioned to mostly yellow.  The swelling has gone down but it's still a bit misshapen and larger than the other ankle.  I'm also getting better at walking.  Then again, with my feet not being used to stepping on level surfaces, I'm surprised I'm not having more problems.

Part of recovery has been a lot of sitting around with ice packs on my ankle which means I have been able to get a fair share of knitting done.  Before we left Indiana I was asked by several people if they could send us things while we were on the trail and another made a joke about drop shipments of yarn to me.  Not being sure how to coordinate individuals sending items, I put the last two ideas together.  Folks from my social "yarn-ie" circles could all chip in about 10 yards of sock yarn.  What do you do with that?  Make socks of course.  One person collected the yarn, rolled it into a ball, and sent it to my parents for putting it into a resupply box.  It made it to my parents and was scheduled to be in the next shipment... the one that didn't get shipped.

Which meant that as soon as I got back I was handed what turned out to be around 800 yards of yarn, enough for two pairs of socks!  First day back I cast on and started knitting.  Pair one is almost done and I should be able to start the second pair today on the ride back to the Midwest.

19 June 2015


I'd like to say that we're on the road to recovery, but really it's just my ankle that I can speak for.  Our psychological viewpoint is going to need more time to readjust to the change that happened so quickly and many months ahead of schedule.  For a few more days we look to be resting up at my parents' before being amazingly and so suddenly available for a stint of house sitting for some friends.  The friends who are in fact watching our cat and we will now be able to watch their cats and their house while they are away.

That means we will be looking for a place to live starting in July sometime.  We still have our RV tucked away in storage and will need to get back to that and what little we own contained inside its walls, which now seems like an insanely excessive amounts of possessions after 2 months of backpacking.

The biggest problem today is "the hunger."  The hiker hunger that develops after hiking all day for the last few months isn't quite as bad as the people we met hiking from Georgia but it's pretty bad.  Everything we see we want to eat, and then when we're done we're thinking about what's next.  To compensate we have a lot of fruits and vegetables sitting out as a distraction.  Yesterday we had a good bit of fruit, a huge salad for lunch, another huge salad for dinner and a couple of bowls of broth based soup. Okay... and a few leftover truffles from the Kent Coffee & Chocolate Company visit... and there was that Snickers bar I found in our food bag when looking for dirty laundry.  While we didn't lose a ton of weight, we did lose some and built a good bit of leg muscle in the process.  We're now on a mission to not gain back the weight like we hear happens so often.

As for the ankle, it's still swollen as is the side of the foot, but I can hobble about alright to the bathroom and to the kitchen, and there isn't much pain now.  Flexibility is alright pointing my toe up and down but the side to side motion is still seriously impeded.

Today is another day of rest, and a bit of a celebration.  Dave and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary today.  We're probably going to celebrate by watching a movie while I ice my ankle, oh wait, that's what we've been doing since yesterday.  Ah well, when you have something that works why change? (c;   What movie?  I think it's The Hobbit today.

17 June 2015

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! June 16th & 17th, 2015

Soup Mix has sprung her ankle and cannot hike.  She and Knotty Boy are riding a bus to return to Newport News til she heals.   Ice and Doctors.

But we'd have to return the umbrella and we'd get wet anyway...


We were sitting outside a Chinese restaurant in Kent, Connecticut when it started to rain. We had just finished eating so we threw away our trash and sat down inside in the oppressively hot restaurant to wait.  A little girl, 7 or 8 years old, sat across from her father in a booth as they were waiting for take out. "Oh no! We're going to get soaked!" she moaned to her dad.

"We'll be fine" he replied and then looked up to see that the drizzle was now a downpour. "Oh."

I had watched them walk to the restaurant while we had been eating outside. "You'll be fine," I interjected, "you see, I have an umbrella you can use."

After just a moments hesitation the very wise child noted: "But it won't work because after we walk home with the food we will walk back here to give you your umbrella back and we will get wet anyway."

Normally this would be a correct assumption but today was a magical day. "Actually you can keep the umbrella."

The dad attempted to refuse the gift and once again the girl spoke beyond her years: "But won't you get wet too?"

"Oh no, you see, I am leaving here in a car."
Dave handed over his umbrella too and the deal was sealed with a handshake from the dad and smiles from the little one.

Why did we part with the umbrellas we had searched so long for before our trip? Sadly, because our hike was now over.

A few hours earlier we crossed a road, climbed a wooden stile in a field, and about 100 feet later, I fell. Maybe it was just good timing, luck, or because I can no longer walk on a level surface, but it was the perfect spot to roll my ankle.

Several times the day before I had slipped on wet rocks, leaves, mud, and a few times when atop a large craggy hill thought, "Whew, I am glad I didn't hurt myself, just think if someone had to haul we out of here!"

It just so happened that a few minutes after my stumble and after trying to stand and realizing that no more hiking today was going to happen, a couple with a dog who had run past us before were on their way back to their car. They happened upon us sitting in the mowed path in the field: "You know, there's a great creek just ahead that you could rest at."

"I got one better," began Dave, "can you drive us to town? My wife just hurt her ankle."
In no time we were bundled into their car with our packs and headed to a local Inn. Turned out the Inn was closed but we said we would sort it out from there. They left us on the porch with what was obviously another crazy hiker but returned a moment later with a bag of ice and a couple of cold drinks. We thanked the couple again and sat down on the steps.

What to do? I was pretty sure my ankle was sprained and not broken so we iced my ankle, drank the drinks, and Dave went to the local pharmacy to get a wrap.or brace while I talked with the crazy hiker who turned out to really be drunk off his ass. It was past the time we were to eat lunch and granola no longer held any appeal.

Dave came back from his walk to a pharmacy and we Ace wrapped my ankle before stuffing it in my shoe. The workers doing maintenance on the Inn pointed out a good restaurant 900 feet away (we knew the distance because we checked with GPS because "near by" means something different when you have a car). Dave carried his pack and I hobbled to the Chinese restaurant while the crazy/drunk (and by this time stoned) hiker carried my pack and joined us for lunch.

While eating we made an executive decision, because we are the executives of our hike, we needed to go "home." My ankle might not be broken but it was certainly going to take time to heal and the best place was to start at my parents' in Newport News.

We made contact with Kathleen from a few days ago and worked it out that she could pick us up, give us a place for the night, then drop us off at a bus stop the next day.

After we ate lunch, the crazy/drunk/stoned hiker was sad to part ways but he went off to his own world and we are now back to where this story started.

Today is Wednesday the 17th of June and after much debate and deliberation we have decided to end our hike this year. We still aren't sure of the extent of my ankle injury. I was able to hobble around today but the side to side stretch of the ankle is gone and this is critical in hiking as we found out over the last few months. Instead of pushing to get back to hiking we are going to recoup, regroup, and get started on what's next. What is next? We're not exactly sure but we're ready to find out.

Currently we are on a bus back to Newport News and about 100 soup packs we didn't get to on the hike. At least we have food to eat!

15 June 2015

Location: Day 52, June 15, 2015

41.699604,  -73.505913 
Another state!  We have left New York and we are in Connecticut!
Latest start to date on day 52 at noon.  It rained pretty hard last night so it takes a longer to get going. Still did nearly 10 miles with an 850 ft. climb in 1 miles at one point.

States so far are:
West Virginia
New Jersey
New York

14 June 2015

Email from Knotty Boy, June 14, 2014

D Robinson wrote: